Panama referees and coach seminar 2019
Monday, February 04, 2019

Conditions of participation:
1. For sessions 1 to 6, participants may only use white judogi; for session 7 (Educational and Education) the dress code will be casual.
2. CPJ will cover the lodging and feeding costs of one referee and one coach for each National Federation in a double room. A total of three nights starting on THU 02.28.2019.
3. Transportation (by car, train or plane) and other expenses will be the responsibility of the participants.
4. The price of accommodation and meals for additional participants, not covered by the CPJ, will be US $ 150.00 per night. Payable in cash to the Organizing Committee.
5. The Organizing Committee will ensure the transfer from and to the airport, as long as the itinerary is confirmed in advance to the aforementioned electronic addresses.
6. Each participant must be registered in the JUDOBASE system of the IJF. This can only be done through the National Federation. If you are not registered, CPJ support will not apply.
7. Cost of participation includes the transfer of and to the airport or station, accommodation for three nights with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
8. Deadline for the registration in the JUDOBASE system and accommodation is 15.02.2019.
9. Each National Federation may send a maximum of three (3) referees and two (2) coaches; including those supported by the CPJ. If the maximum amount is not reached, additional delegates will be processed on the date of registration.
10. Each National Federation is directly responsible for its representatives. You must assume all responsibility for health insurance and accident; as well as any civil lawsuit during the Arbitration and Coaching Seminar of CPJ 2019, for all under his charge.

Download the pdf for more information

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