Lobo Guara will be the official mascot of the Grand Slam of Brasilia
Monday, September 16, 2019
Grand Slam

The Brazilian Judo Confederation (CBJ) on Thursday revealed the Brasilia Grand Slam medals and the mascot for the newest event at the IJF World Judo Tour during a busy press event at Buriti Palace, seat of the District Government Federal.

Former world champion Luciano Corrêa and the 2008 Beijing Olympic bronze medalist Ketleyn Quadros, both from Brasilia, joined 100 judokas from local clubs and social projects, as well as CBJ president Silvio Acácio Borges, governor of the Federal District , Ibaneis Rocha; Senator Leila Barros; the secretary of sport of the Federal District, Leandro Cruz; the vice president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Marco La Porta; The IFJ sports manager, Lisa Allan, and the IFJ event producer, Claudiu Chimoiu; federal and district congressmen, as well as several members of the Ministry of Citizenship.

The new shiny medals were announced along with the newly named pet Guará-Wolf, who received 52.99% of the votes on the CJB website ahead of Ocelot (28.30%) and Blue Macaw (18, 71%).

The three-day event in Brasilia, which becomes the second city of the Americas to organize an IJF Grand Slam after Rio de Janeiro (2009 - 2012), currently has 414 registered judokas from 64 countries and has captured the Brazilian public imagination.

Tickets for the event are free for spectators to attend the main event at the International Convention Center of Brazil (CICB) and a large number of spectators are expected for the first event of the IJF of Brazil since 2013.

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